Locals are finding creative ways to celebrate graduates

High school seniors have lost many of the rights of passage that traditionally come with completing their years of public education, and unfortunately, such events like prom and graduation cannot be made up. 

In the midst of this, Facebook groups called ‘Adopt a Senior’ have become immensely popular, and have adapted into local sectors. 

On the Edmonds School District “Adopt A Senior” Facebook page, parents and guardians can post a photo and some general information about their seniors, and community members can choose to ‘adopt’ said senior by spoiling them with gifts to honor their graduation. 

Larry and Denise Wechsler, parents of three children that have been students in the Edmonds School District saw this as a great opportunity to give back to the community. 

“We have our own senior at home, but we wanted to adopt a senior in the community that we didn’t know to give back to someone who might not have the means to be spoiled,” they said, noting that “graduating from high school is a big deal, and while it hasn’t been the senior year that they expected, these young adults deserve to be celebrated.” 

Samantha, a senior graduating from Lynnwood High school received a gift basket as a surprise from her adoptees who had been talking with her mom through Facebook. Her adoptees had messaged Samatha’s mom over a few days to coordinate the surprise. 

When the day arrived, Samantha’s mom woke her up to tell her that there were people there to see her. Confused but curious, Samantha opened the door to a basket of gifts, complete with balloons and a card. 

“I was so surprised! They were so kind and made my week!” said Samantha. Her adoptees had been given a list of things Samantha liked so they could make sure Samantha’s gifts were personalized.  “I’m in the middle of decorating my room and the pink succulent goes perfectly!” 

As stated by the Wechslers, “we’re all in this together. Giving back to the community is very important right now.”