The Triton Review


Founded in 1973, The Triton Review serves as an independent student-written and -produced newspaper for Edmonds College and the surrounding community. Approximately 1,200 copies are printed and distributed to over fifty newsstands on and off campus twice quarterly during the academic year. The opinions expressed in The Triton Review do not necessarily reflect the views of The Triton Review staff or of the college.

Mission Statement

The Triton Review is a student-run newspaper at Edmonds College that serves the student readership by reporting on issues and events as they relate to the campus community and by supporting the open exchange of a diverse range of viewpoints and opinions.

The Triton Review strives to be impartial in its reporting and adheres firmly in its First Amendment rights.

Newspaper Policy

  1. The Triton Review covers issues and events as they relate to the Edmonds College campus community and surrounding areas.
  2. The Triton Review editorial staff reserves the right to comment editorially on any issues the staff finds newsworthy and important.
  3. The Triton Review resists the influence of advertisers or special interest groups on the selection of news content or editorial expression.
  4. The Triton Review will consider for publication signed letters to the editor or contributed opinion pieces reflecting student opinion on relevant topics, as well as those of other on or off-campus constituents when submitted according to publication guidelines.
  5. The Triton Review strives to uphold State and Federal Laws and Edmonds College policies, particularly the Office of Student Life Code of Ethics and the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics.

Letters to the Editor

The Triton Review welcomes letters to the editor. Letters submitted should be no more than 400 words, signed legibly, and accompanied by a phone number in order to verify authenticity. Some letters may not be printed due to limited space, because they are similar to other letters received on the same subject, are potentially libelous, or are illegible. The Triton Review reserves the right to edit letters.


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