The space between the lines: EdCC’s 2018 art and literature magazine debuts


Rumi Gilani

EdCC alumni Travers Cao (left) and Nazar Patriy (right) focused on their work during a live painting demonstration at the Between the Lines 2018 commencement.

On the balmy evening of June 1, the Edmonds Community College Library hosted the annual Between the Lines 2018 kickoff show, celebrating another publication of the school’s long-running art and literature magazine.

What started as “The Talisman” in the early 70’s, “Between the Lines” has been a historic staple to the arts community at EdCC, highlighting student-made artwork in a multitude of mediums.

This year, the magazine extended their collection to include a culinary arts section, showcasing works from the Culinary Arts class taught by Karen Jenkins.

The book itself is a dizzying showcase of talent. This year, the theme for the book was “Space,” and it’s explored in every possible way; Jon Sternoff’s “The Heart of EdCC” is a 360 spherical panorama of the college courtyard, trees and buildings jutting out into the empty white space of the sky, creating the illusion of a planetary object.

Many of the literary works explore this concept as well, albeit in more emotionally explorative ways.

“Drifting so high your feet touch the stars,” starts the poem “Swinging” by Emily Remmers. “Laughter fills the brisk air with the clanging of bells.”

In Kimberly Kinser’s “Peace Collage”, a similar sentimentality to moments in time speaks through the narrative. “Kimberly remember, a world can change in a moment of peace.”

Attendees to the kickoff event filed into the library just as a jazz band started to play. A near-lavish selection of snacks such as wontons, chicken katsu, berries and cheeses welcomed the crowd as they made their way to the gallery, picking up a copy of Between The Lines along the way.

Artists and staff from the EdCC Visual Arts Program were scattered amongst the crowd, sometimes shy and others eager to talk about their featured works. In the gallery, tables were set as stations for some of the Art Department students and alumni to paint as live presentations.

One such demonstrator was Matthew Clayton, unfazed by the crowds watching as he decorated a large canvas with thick globules of dark purple paint, with splats of vibrant colors.

When asked what his inspiration was for the piece, Clayton smiled and shrugged. “Whatever comes to my mind in the moment.”

Another artist-in-action,Travers Cao, was busy with a more delicate piece, carefully painting vibrant greens into the stems of a bushel of flowers, penciled on paper. Although he graduated last year in June, he had found a welcoming and powerful art community at Edmonds, and was happy to be at the event to contribute. As a psychology major, he found that art had many connections to the study as an expression of the mind.

Many attendees noted the amount of diversity in mediums that were being displayed at the event. “There’s a lot more this time, they’ve really expanded. I love seeing all of the different mediums,” said Karsyn Aoki, a sophomore student at EdCC.

Her and her friend Sofia Mati discussed a selection of photography on display, their eyes jumping from photo to photo. Mati is officially starting classes in the Fall, and while unsure of her major, is passionate about photography.

She was equally enthusiastic about the event. “I love it; I love seeing the painting, photography, the ceramic pieces…”

Cheryl Web was one of the EdCC students displaying art in the gallery. While she’s dabbled in working in the arts for years, her retirement has allowed for more freedom to pursue passions.

She noted that she wouldn’t have been able to study the arts if not for the opportunities EdCC grants. “Edmonds Community College has an amazing tuition reduction program for seniors.”

One of her paintings, “Warrior”, acrylic on canvas, uses a sepia palette contrasted with bright, smooth strokes of red.

Between the Lines has given many students the opportunity to be published. Kevin Ng has been a photography major at EdCC for a year, after going to school at the San Francisco Art Institute for two years prior.

“It wasn’t worth the price.” He lamented. However, he felt positive about his experiences at EdCC and the opportunities that have opened up for him, such as being published for the first time in “Between the Lines”.

One of his photos on display was called “Cozy Corner”, illustrating a balcony held aloft a modernist metallic building, a few red chairs stark against the monotone architecture. The balcony looks like an island floating in a sea of industrialism.

“I was going through a transitional phase in my life,” explained Ng. “I went down to California for a music festival and saw these chairs on this balcony in Hollywood, and thought: I want to be successful enough to sit there.”

“It was a little reminder to myself of what I’m working toward.”

This theme extended to another piece, “Duo”, a photo of two birds soaring overhead in a partially cloudy sky, seemingly encircling each other. Ng noted that it was the most recent shot of his on display, and the only film shot.

“If you see a guy wandering around a parking lot following random birds with a camera, it might be me,” Ng grinned. “I think I was thinking of freedom, weightlessness, being carefree.” Another reminder of what he hoped to achieve, caught in a dreamy snapshot moment.

The event was a celebration of creativity and opportunity, emphasized by the students and participants themselves. An air of excitement and passion for the community that had been fostered buzzed through the air as wandering eyes studied a multitude of creative works, culminating in a truly inspiring experience.

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