The Triton Review

Friendships Were Tested at Springfest 2019

Sierra Buckley, A&E Editor

June 11, 2019

Another year at Edmonds Community College is coming to a close, which means a few things; many Tritons will be graduating and saying goodbye, for others it’s time to enroll in Summer and/or Fall classes, but most importantly: ...

A Student’s Guide to Resources

Miriam Urie, News Editor

June 7, 2019

Shortly after publication we received several corrections about the information presented in this story. All of the areas where a correction is needed are denoted with an *, and the correct information can be found at the end of...

Menstrual Products Still up for Debate

Sierra Buckley and Brent Anderson

June 7, 2019

By Brent Anderson Photographer The Center for Student Engagement and Leadership, CSEL, holds dozens of meetings each quarter. Most people probably picture several people with fancy name plates sitting around a table, talk...

The True Cost Of College Textbooks

Miriam Urie, Staff Writer

February 19, 2019

Textbooks are incredibly expensive. Groups at Edmonds Community College are working to confront the issue. When you ask someone to describe their worst experiences with textbooks, it’s not hard to find stories. Access codes t...

EdCC Alum Strives for More Asian-American Representation

Andrew Foster, Staff Writer

February 19, 2019

A lot of it is just being an open person

Rocketry Society Soars to Great Heights

Ransom Gardner, Staff Writer

February 19, 2019

On Friday afternoons in room 221 of the Meadowdale building, a lovable group of scientific jokesters known as the Edmonds Community College Rocketry Society, gather together for their weekly meeting. During one of the Society’s meetings...

Black Box Transforms into Club Caja Negra

Sierra Buckley, A&E Editor

February 14, 2019

For one night this week our beloved Black Box Theatre will transform into la Club Caja Negra, where attendees can dance the night away in support of fellow Edmonds Community College students. The festivities will be held Friday...

Construction begins on the SET building

Callie Laursen, Staff Writer

November 5, 2018

It’s really hard to miss all of the commotion outside of Meadowdale Hall so far this quarter. If you haven’t yet noticed, construction has been taking place since September of this year. The building that is being made is...

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