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Get out of your comfort zone: travel the world!

Nellie Rivo, Staff Writer

October 31, 2019

Studying abroad is a life-changing experience for just about anyone who does it. Janessa Wangadi, and Edmonds Community College student, is just one of numerous students whose lives have been bettered by their travels. Wangadi attended Saitama...

When Cultures Collide: Immigrant Students Tell Their Stories

Jack Evert, Staff Writer

June 7, 2019

Profiles: Origins/Identities/Belonging,” a photo series consisting of 22 photographs of former Edmonds Community College immigrant students, is set to debut at EdCC in Fall 2019. The photos will be accompanied by personal e...

Menstrual Products Still up for Debate

Sierra Buckley and Brent Anderson

June 7, 2019

By Brent Anderson Photographer The Center for Student Engagement and Leadership, CSEL, holds dozens of meetings each quarter. Most people probably picture several people with fancy name plates sitting around a table, talk...

Mental Health on Campus: A Series by Students Gov. – Joshua Rivedal

Derek Bissell, Staff Writer

May 14, 2019

One hundred and twenty-nine American people will attempt to end their life today. This is the U.S. average, and with it comes the stigma of discussing depression and mental health. The only way to combat the taboo around this...

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