Triton-Court expected to be state-of-the-art


A brand new dormitory, Triton Court, will be opening in the fall of 2020. Triton Court will house approximately 220 students in 104 units just across from Rainier Place. Triton Court will be the fourth housing building available for students.

“The apartments are studio, two bedroom, and three bedroom design. There will be a Housing Office on the first floor, and a large community room on the second floor that opens to a courtyard area, and small study rooms on each floor and laundry room on each floor.” Luke Botzheim, director of housing for Edmonds Community College explained.

Residents of Triton Court will no longer have to struggle to find parking every morning; underneath the building will be parking spaces available only to residents. Another perk of living at Triton Court is that the building is right across the street from EdCC, making it only a short walk to campus.

Students that stay in dorms close to their school are also “more involved in campus activities, build strong friendships and experience more cultural diversity,” according to Botzheim.

Every unit at Triton Court will be fully equipped with a full kitchen and a living room. A lounge will be put in for residents that will include a pool table and a large screen TV. Students looking for a catered dining experience can go to the private businesses being built into the hall’s first floor. Botzheim hopes that the future offerings will include “a pizza place, a bubble tea place and a couple more food option(s).”

Triton court is also being built with the United States Green Building Council’s LEED specifications. The LEED program, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is designed to certify that newly constructed buildings meet strict environmental guidelines on building location, water usage, construction materials, energy efficiency, and air quality and ventilation. Triton Court is close to a silver certification, but may fall just short due to what Botzheim described as “constraints on timing and space.”

Construction on the new building began back in the winter of this year, and is expected to be completed in time for the 2020 fall quarter. When completed, Triton Court will add a “more comfortable, more academic, more supportive (place)” according to Bontzheim. Triton Court will be designed a lot like the current design of Rainer Place. Triton Court is being built by Compass Construction, and is owned privately by Jeff Butler. Butler also owns Sophie Court and Spencer Court, two other housing options for EdCC Students.

Triton Court is one of two major projects underway at and around EdCC alongside the Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) building. However, EdCC put no money into the construction of Triton Court.

“Were simply leasing the space,” said Kevin McKay, Vice President of Finance. EdCC will have the master lease to the building, so students will be the ones who get to live at Triton Court. This allows there to be two Resident Assistants (RA’s) on each floor, and one professional to support them in the building.

Students can apply for housing in rooms at Triton Court now by marking Triton Court on their application through EdCC, or they can wait until winter quarter for a specific Triton Court application. All of the housing applications can be found online at