The Triton Review

A Student’s Guide to Resources

Miriam Urie, News Editor

June 7, 2019

Shortly after publication we received several corrections about the information presented in this story. All of the areas where a correction is needed are denoted with an *, and the correct information can be found at the end of...

Farewell to our 2018-2019 Staff

Madeleine S. Jenness, Brent Anderson, and Brendan Davis

June 7, 2019

By Brendan Davis Sports Editor Another amazing year at Edmonds Community College is in the books and I couldn’t be any more grateful for the experiences and opportunities I have been given during my time here. Spring 2019 is ...

Menstrual Products Still up for Debate

Sierra Buckley and Brent Anderson

June 7, 2019

By Brent Anderson Photographer The Center for Student Engagement and Leadership, CSEL, holds dozens of meetings each quarter. Most people probably picture several people with fancy name plates sitting around a table, talk...

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