Student athletes remain hopeful despite cancelled seasons

Oliver Laufman was ready to win. The Edmonds College pitcher had worked hard for a chance to show his throwing prowess and help the baseball team win, that is, until the coronavirus pandemic shut it all down. 

“I had a good start to my season, and I didn’t want to see that end so soon,” Laufman said. “I initially felt disappointed and upset.” 

That reaction was shared across the athletic community, according to Spencer Stark, the college’s athletics director. Laufman said that he and his teammates struggled at first to accept what had happened, as they “felt confused initially, about what would happen next with all of us, if summer ball would still happen, stuff like that.” 

We all seem to have gone through a period of remorse for the goals we had set for ourselves, the projects and events that we looked forward to. The sports community here at Edmonds is no different.

Laufman recalled his goals: “I was mostly looking forward to competing every weekend and showing everyone my strengths as a pitcher. I was looking forward to getting seen by D1 coaches, and ultimately helping my team win by being dominant on the mound.” The biggest grievance of the teammates are the bonds created between them during their time together, as many are not planning to return in the next year. 

Despite the mourning of potential personal successes, the decision to put the good of the community above all is necessary. Public safety is, of course, top priority.

“Since the end of our season, I’ve accepted that it was the best call and that the health of everyone is more important,” Laufman explained. “With such a contagious disease going around the state and country, who knows how many of us could have gotten sick if we kept having big events like sporting events.” 

During these uncertain times, it’s important to do what can be done to try to make the most out of it, however one may choose to do that. For Laufman, that means “focusing on school a lot and making sure I’m doing well in all of my classes,” along with working out in preparation for the eventual return of baseball next year.

We may have sacrificed our personal goals and our social interactions, but if Laufman can be hopeful for his future, everyone should be too.