Chemistry teacher receives minor injuries in experiment gone wrong

Following an explosion during her Introduction to Chemistry class. Heather Walsh, chemistry professor, was taken to the hospital last Wednesday, Feb. 12

The small explosion occurred just before noon near the Brier Grill entrance, and was reportedly caused by a chemistry experiment involving dry ice.

Walsh was awake and alert following the explosion, but paramedics were called to transport her to the hospital “as a precaution,” according to a safety bulletin sent out to campus later that afternoon by Marisa Pierce, director of marketing and public information. Her safety gear likely played a role in her not having received major injuries.

The exact cause of the explosion has not been released, however a hazmat team and the Lynnwood Police Department were called to the scene to determine if the cause of the explosion could be a danger to others.

The area was cordoned off, but within the hour the area was declared safe and was cleaned up. A portion of the cement appears to have been damaged as a result of the explosion.

The Triton Review staff wish Professor Walsh a swift recovery.