Impeachment: it’s what he deserves


Ukraine Presidential Press Services

Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelensky and President Donald Trump.

For the fourth time in the history of the United States of America, a sitting president is going through an impeachment inquiry. This could not have happened to a nastier excuse of a human being. Impeachment is a long process. During this process, there are a lot of players and information to deal with. Let’s unpack!

The House Intelligence Committee, led by Representative Adam Schiff, is gathering evidence to impeach President Donald Trump based off a call that was made to Ukraine. In this call, President Trump discussed digging up political dirt on current 2020 election hopeful, Former Vice President Joe Biden, and his son, Hunter Biden, with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. This call took place on Jul. 25, 2019.

Contacting a foreign country and requesting political dirt on an opponent is considered an offense. Trump didn’t stop there, he also threatened to withhold military and financial aid to Ukraine if they didn’t cooperate. This is considered a quid-pro-quo, meaning if one country does another one a favor, the favor will be returned. Quid-pro-quos aren’t always illegal, but the way Trump went about the situation makes it so. The U.S. and Ukraine are allies. New information shows that Trump did officially withhold $250 million dollars in aid to Ukraine the night of the Trump-Zelensky call.

Congress issued a multitude of subpoenas to U.S. officials. During Ambassador Gordan Sondland’s testimony, he stated that he wasn’t going to be able to testify in full detail because the White House had denied the release of documents that would have helped the inquiry. While Donald Trump continues to deny the existence of a quid-pro-quo, Sondland testified that it did take place.

On the issue of increased polarization in the United States, Dr. Robin Datta, head of the political science department at EdCC says, “One of my primary concerns has to do with the fact that Americans today have moved into generally isolated and bespoke information ecosystems, information ‘tribes’ if you will, with relatively narrow filters through which to take in information,” Datta explained the increased polarization in the U.S. “The added capacity for viral disinformation means that what people know and think about the impeachment process and politics and policy more broadly are narrowly partisan and self-reinforcing.”

How people get their news and information is, a lot of the time, put through a biased lens that fit the narrative of what people want and expect to hear.

Many people think of impeachment as removal from office. However, it is much different. Impeachment is when a sitting official is convicted of high-class crimes. Removal from office is a process that takes place after impeachment proceedings.

“If the full House votes to impeach, then the process moves to the Senate for a ‘trial’ which is presided over by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts,” explained Dr. Datta. “If the Senate votes to convict with a two-thirds majority, then the President will be removed with immediate effect.”

Trump’s impeachment has been a long awaited process by many. Although I am very glad this process is taking place, I do think more high ranking officials need to testify. Hearing from Rudy Giuliani, Devin Nunes and Lev Parnas would be beneficial. These men all have deeper ties to what happened in the Trump-Zelensky phone call. Lev Parnas has shown a high interest in wanting to testify and share information. However, President Trump and his attorneys did not participate in the impeachment hearings held Dec. 3.

Since the announcement of his candidacy, Trump has been a controversial candidate. His lack of experience and decency makes him unfit for office. I find him repulsive and lacking anything redeeming. The impeachment process is the best thing that could happen to him. If he can successfully be impeached and potentially removed from office, I, and many Americans, will be extremely happy.

Upon seeing clips of women at Trump rallies with signs that read, “Women for Trump,” I immediately want to throw up. Trump is a blatant misogynist. Take a look at his cabinet. The majority of it is old white guys. Let’s not forget that incident in 2005 where he was recorded stating the infamous “Grab ‘em by the pussy” line.

He also has 17 sexual assault allegations and reports of inappropriate behavior against him. Trump paid Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal hush money to keep them from talking about alleged affairs they had. While still a presidential candidate, he coined the phrase “lock her up” when talking about Hillary Clinton. Lovely. Since his election, I have become more aware as a woman in this social climate. The president is supposed to represent the people and seeing as though this president represents sexual abusers and rapists, I’m terrified. As if being on edge walking anywhere alone wasn’t enough, women have needed to be hyper-aware since this president was elected.

He has underlying tendencies of a white supremacist, making statements about there being good people on both sides of a neo-nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Since his election, there’s been an uproar of racism, white supremacy and xenophobia. Twitter seems to be Trump’s personal playground for catered attacks against political higher ups like Rep. Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

At a rally, he coined a new phrase “send her back” against Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar. While Omar was not born in the US, that doesn’t make her any less qualified to serve as a representative, and a great one at that. Further looking into his racist patterns, he also claimed that most people coming from Mexico are terrorists, murderers and rapists. He didn’t take into account that a lot of people seeking asylum from Mexico are children. His logic is deeply flawed. His proposed travel ban affects countries with populations that are primarily Muslim. He also claimed that people immigrating from African countries come from “shithole” countries. People coming from Africa are primarily people of color. Mind you he didn’t call any European countries with mostly white populations “shitholes”. Trump can’t handle anyone that doesn’t look or think like him.

Officials close to Trump say he will not participate in the first impeachment hearing panel in the Judiciary Committee that was held Dec. 4, because he thinks this process is unfair. If impeached, Trump’s ability to successfully run a reelection campaign could be in jeopardy.

“The Senate may then consider barring President Trump from running for elective office,” according to Datta. “Given the current Republican majority in the Senate, a conviction and removal are unlikely, but you never know. There may be a preponderance of evidence, and you cannot discount the impact of shifts in public opinion.”

I wholeheartedly believe that Trump is dangerous for our country. Not only is he unfit, he is unstable. Since the announcement of the impeachment inquiry, he has become even more unhinged. He has engaged in Twitter tyraids at rates we haven’t seen since his election. He is squirming big time because he’s afraid. Trump has enough evidence against him to be impeached, but the process needs to move from the House Judiciary Committee, all the way through the Senate. Here’s to a successful impeachment Donald Trump in the near-future.