The key to making new friends: don’t force it

 We’ve all had that moment in our lives when we enter something new. Whether it be a new job, a new neighborhood, or a new school. It can be daunting to wander amongst the new environment and watch as others effortlessly make there way through, with a friend or two at their side engaged in conversation. Depending on who you are, sometimes it’s easy to make acquaintances. Yet to others, not so much. If you’re in any way similar to me, you’ll find in college, it’s somewhat harder to make these sort of connections. 

Unlike high school, everyone has different schedules, and there are so many different age groups that it may seem impossible to reach out and make those connections with people. Whether that impossibility may be caused by social anxiety, or caused by something else, there are ways to connect with people. By pushing through your shell, and really putting yourself out there, you may be able to make the friendships or acquaintances you’re searching for; ones that may last you through your whole life, if you find the right people. 

EdCC offers a wide variety of activities throughout the year, and also has a large selection of clubs, with room to create more. This is one of the best places to find people with similar interests. Browsing these clubs and attending a few meetings as well, even if you don’t wish to join, would also be a good way to at least find some sort of interaction. Even if you believe a club isn’t your cup of tea, attending some meetings to find out what it is and how it works may just change your perspective. 

Yet another great place to look is in your classes. Sure, some of these classes are required for your endgame goal, but your electives are chosen by you! In these classes, you’ll be able to find people with those same interests, which can easily blossom into a new friendship. 

Sharing common interests with other individuals usually goes for engaging conversations, that could blossom into more kinds of interactions in the future. The more you put yourself out there, little by little, the more you make social interactions and friends. 

“Friendships happen where you don’t expect them to.” Said Mark Seely, EdCC’s own psychology professor. “Be open to opportunities. Get out there.” 

Seely spoke openly about putting yourself in social situations, little by little. To put yourself in situations, even if seemly small, means you get to experience interactions with people, even if it’s one person a day. If you continue to interact more and more, little by little, you may be surprised at who you can find, and what good may come out ot it. 

As time goes on, the more you engage, the more friendships you will make. These friendships come naturally through life, and you’ll be surprised on how easily they come. So. take it easy. Don’t rush. Through your time at EdCC, you’ll surely make a friend or two.